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Grade 3 Memories


What a fantastic year! Thank you all for sharing your wonderful, caring, thoughtful children with me for third grade. It has been my pleasure getting to know each one of them. Enjoy the third grade memories!

Grade 3 Memories 2016-2017 from Tracey Supple on Vimeo.

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Colonial Day


Today we went back in time to the year 1680. We role-played by dressing like early colonists, and brought foods that children may have eaten during that time. We began our day by making our manners. Then we read from primers, wrote with quill pens, played sentence relay, alphabet geography, and arithmetic relay. We had lunch in the courtyard and played marbles, hopscotch, graces, and tag. At the end of the day, we even had an old fashioned spelling bee!

Talk to your child about what they liked about that time period and what would be difficult or challenging for them. Here are some pictures to give you a snapshot of our day.

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Wampanoag Native Visitor


Today we had a special visitor in third grade. Jonathan Perry, a Wampanoag native leader came in to share about his traditions, articles of ceremonial clothing, and artifacts pertaining to his culture. He shared some history, as well as a game called Hub-Bub. It was a great learning experience for us all!

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Historic Deerfield Field Trip


We visited Historic Deerfield to get an up close picture of what life was like for some colonists during the 1600’s. We participated in 4 workshops led by Deerfield experts. We learned doubt weaving, stencils, cooking, and clothing. Look at our photos to learn more.

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Children Long Ago


As we wrapped up our Massachusetts and mapping unit, we moved onto the history of our state. We began with talking about the Mayflower and Plymouth Plantation. We read books about the colonists and the Wampanoag too. As we read stories and watched videos of what it was like long ago, we wondered what the children did for fun. So we started with games that both colonial children and Wampanoag children played. Here are some pictures of toys we made and games we played.

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Massachusetts and Mapping


We recently finished a mini-unit about our state of Massachusetts. We reviewed the compass rose, keys and legends, and different types of maps. We created a Massachusetts map with towns and cities, mountains, rivers, reservoirs, and surrounding states. We included a compass rose, and a key. We learned a lot of facts about our state too. Do you know the state bird? How about the state fish? State cookie? Largest reservoir in the state? Highest mountain in Massachusetts? Where Massachusetts got its name? Your child knows all the answers to these and many more facts!

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Weather Video


We wrapped up our Weather Unit with a weather broadcast video about extreme weather. After researching an extreme weather event, students chose a background to fit their weather, wrote a script, dressed the part, and acted as weather broadcasters. Oh what actors we have!

Weather from Karin Gravina on Vimeo.

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Grade 3 students read many biographies during the month of January. Each student then chose one person to study. After using at least two resources, students typed their information, found pictures, and created a news article about their famous person. Take a look at the finished product.

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Moon Phases


We are learning about the moon phases. We know the names of the phases: new moon, crescent, first quarter, gibbous, full moon, and last quarter, as well as the new words waxing and waning. Here we are practicing making the phases.

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The Moon


We kicked off our Night Sky unit with a study of the moon. Students read a book about the moon with a partner. Then they designed a mini-poster answering a key question about their moon topic. After posters were finished, students gave each other feedback- warm and cool post its. It was great practice giving positive feedback and hearing constructive criticism.

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